Thursday, July 1, 2010

Show off your "Purse-onality!"

This fun-loving cake was designed for a "purse-onality" themed event. The pink zebra-print bag was iced with basic buttercream frosting and covered with marshmallow fondant. The purse was carved from a 4-layer cake of alternating milk and dark chocolate layers.

The base cake was a white cake with a lemon filling. It was iced with buttercream frosting. This would be the perfect cake for your favorite shop-aholic!

Death by Chocolate!

(and strawberries)

This was a non-traditional wedding cake for a chocolate-loving, non-traditional couple.

It featured dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache, strawberries, & chocolate curlicues. There was an extra burst of chocolate with the chocolate disks in the borders.

Monster Truck!!!

This cake was created for my son's 2nd birthday. He loves to play with trucks, and he has a big, blue monster truck that we used as our model for this cake.

The cake itself is chocolate with chocolate frosting between the layers. This was a 4-layer cake that we carved. The frosting is basic buttercream. The tires are donuts that were fixed into the wheel wells. The "dirt" is a combination of crushed honey & chocolate graham crackers.

My favorite features on this cake are the license plates. The front plate gives my son's age, and the back plate has his name on it.

Cascade of Calla Lilies

This 3-tiered, ivory-colored buttercream cake was created for the wedding of a friend's daughter. The wedding used fall colors.

The highlight of the cake is the burnt orange calla lilies, both used as a topper and on each tier.

The bride wanted everything on the cake to be edible. These calla lilies were made of gum paste & hand-painted with luster dust. (Here are views of the cala lilied tiers from either side.)

Stand for Truth & Righteousness

This cake was created for a function at my church. The three tiers are covered with marshmallow fondant in shades of pink. The border is also made of fondant. The ovals on the side of each tier are hand-painted. The cake is topped off with some beautiful fresh flowers.
Some minor changes to the decor would easily lend this style of cake to a wedding or anniversary party.

This cake will make you flip flop!

This cake was created for a bridal shower. The bride loves flip flops!
Everything on this cake is edible, from the sand to the straps on the flip flops.

The bright pink & yellow make this cake so much fun But there was fun inside the cake itself, too! It was a vanilla-flavored cake but had a swirl of rainbow colors. A fun surprise to cut into!

This cake was decorated with buttercream icing. For a smoother look to the flip flops, this could also be done with fondant.

Hail the Conquering Graduates!

These three cakes were created for a friend of mine. She had one brother graduate high school, one graduate college, and a third graduate medical school--all at the same time! Although the family had a combined graduation party, each of the graduates got their own cake.

Each cake was individualized with a different shape, borders/accents and writing. The colors were chosen according to the colors of the school each was graduating from, which ended up making the cakes the same colors!
Each one also was a different cake/filling combination, as chosen by each of the graduates.

Congratulations are in Order

This simple sheet cake was created for the graduation of a friend. The cake was chocolate with a bavarian filling. Who doesn't love a good bobble head?